PropJockey.iothe value of properties, orchestrated

Retro Pixels 
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FOILED (W.I.P.) - an upcoming release

FOILED is a CSS utility that provides classes and --properties for the creation of animatable, fake-3D Trading Cards

Back side of an example FOILED card made by a fan of the Deus Ex video game series

$ npm install


A deep expansion on what's possible in CSS. High Tech Sci-Fi & Cyberpunk User Interface design made easy. Get augmented and reshape the web.


A brand new way to write responsive CSS, powered by the space toggle. Named breakpoints, DRY selectors, no scripts, no builds, vanilla CSS.


css-bin-bits establishes an API in CSS (no JS) for binary operations on --number-vars. Read/Write individual bits & use logic gates to mix numbers.

Some of the many more free & open source packages from PropJockey

PropJockey An animation library focused on reusable, object-agnostic animations, perfect for game dev and ripe for tooling.
Extremely fast by leaning heavily on WASM for nearly all calculations. PLUS O(1) Cubic and Quadratic Bezier easing.
Timing-function-agnostic as well, so you can run "animations" on data in Node or skip to a specific frame for SSR, etc.
BSD 2-Clause License so you don't have to fear the cost of trying to become successful with predatory purchase plans.

Unfinished. Unfortunately.

AnalogArray An array that accepts non-integer floats for indexes on read that will return a proportionate interpolation of the data from the surrounding integer indexes.
Custom interpolation "slide" functions can be specified. Comes with numeric and hex-color slide options built in.
let color = new AnalogArray(["#ff00ff", "888888"], AnalogArray.slideColor)
color[0.5] // "#c444c4"

eased-gradient generate css gradients with an easing function applied to the spectrum

css-var-listener given a --css-var to listen to, css-var-listener scrapes your CSS and runs a callback whenever the var's value changes per each element matching the CSS Rules that set its value.